Asia (4 Cities)

"The rise of these new cities in Asia reflects our ways of communication and it’s speed. It has changed us in the sense that we’re now capable of seeing that what is misplaced, not-connected and diffuse at the same time. Focus is on everything, and you could say that the urban landscape incorporates our new perception of ‘the real’". (after Ad Verbrugge, philosopher). 

Within photography there's a relation between the ways the medium is used, it's historical circumstances (the city) and the multi-functionality of the metropole. In post-modernism these elements had a strong mutual influence and presence. This project visually researched these influences and created a metropole on it's own, subjective and new, based upon persumptions of truthful representations by imagery, suggestions and interpretation, documentary related images and everything that comes with it: mainstreets and sideroads, different layers of purpose and meaning, hectic crossroads and pockets of silence. It's a continuously fluctuating body of image, space and time. 

In 2005 and 2006 I travelled to 4 Asian cities: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. The reason? The selection of these large cities was based upon the fact that to a large extend their economies are running parallel to those in 'the west', regarding a 'consumer driven society', but with major differences in political, historical and geographical background at the same time. With a lot of people in a reasonably small area, it's rapid changes and developments create similar problems to be solved. This project dealt with the possible visual interpretations of the controll of landscape, the lack of space, infrastructural issues and the visual consequences of the speed of economic growth.

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