O.M.A. / Rem Koolhaas

In 2004, Joshua Ramus of OMA (Office of Metropolitan Architecture) in Rotterdam (NL), one of the most prestigious architectural firms on this planet, contacted me with a simple 'question': we very much want to work with you on a project in Seattle, USA. Would I be interested? Rem Koolhaas invited me to travel with him to discuss the options and exchange ideas, which we did. Joshua Ramus, partner in OMA at the time and now heading his own firm in New York City (REX-NY), explained and showed me all ins & outs of the Seattle Public Library, a 11.000m2 'pile of books' in the centre of Seattle. To give you some idea about the scale of this project: more than 1000(!) models had been created over the years before construction even started. With 'no strings attached' this has been a commision to good to be true, focussing more on 'working together' then anything else and staying clear of pure registration. For more than a week I 'scanned' the library and it's location, checked the sight from the surrounding buildings and met with everyone from security guard to floor manager, a guarantee for 24/7 access at all hours. The iconic space of this library is huge, transparency is everywhere (connecting interior and exterior in different ways), it's design is remarkable, the flow and movement is fascinating and inviting and the time of day is essential to the image the building provides. 

8 photoworks in total were created, and have since become part of many different collections around the world. One of these photoworks titled Nexus was on the cover of DOMUS magazine (june 2004).  

For more information about this architectural masterpice you can visit OMA's website
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