Herzog & de Meuron

In 2005 Swiss Architects Herzog & De Meuron (Basle, CH) were having a large exhibition at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) in Rotterdam (NL). This great firm is renowned for their coöperation with artists in co-designing, reflecting and documenting in a win-win situation. Artworks created and the design of a building co-exist and mutually influence eachother. Results are impressive and artists that have worked with them include Andres Gursky, Thomas Ruff, Armin Linke, Remy Zaugg, and many others. 

At that time, their Forum building in Barcelona was almost completed, and both the NAi and the architects found it a great idea to commission me for a series of new photoworks of this spectacular, triangular building at the end of the axis in Barcelona that's called the Avenida Diagonal. The commission provided great opportunities for both them and myself. Working with two of the greatest architects around and the opportunity to exhibit the new pieces in a great place. So, of course I said YES. 

Images of this commission were used for the cover of NAi Bulletin No.2 in 2006 a.o., and the artworks produced are placed in collections around the world.