Project on Image

Project on image started in 2010 and is still ongoing...

A small introduction: after working in cities and metropoles around the world for quite some time, the total body of work created can be 'read' as a personal view of 'the contemporary city': an urban environment reflected in concrete, glass and image, movement and light, recognisable and familiar, but alienating at the same time: hard to locate and in need of individuals. That city has been built... But now that everything has come to be in a constant state of flux, focus is changing accordingly. In a way, it's these cities we live in that need not identification but imagined identity, need not persons but 'personality'. Think Benidorm, Tokyo, Seoul and Los Angeles for starters. One of the questions that came to mind was: how does 'the real' in urban images of contemporary cities relate to the 'situation on the ground'? With 'change' the only status quo avaiable, it's become important to elaborate on the role of 'the image of city' and to reflect on it's overwhelming presence. It's become both the reason and (!) the goal of reflecting on what's 'true', and what's 'now'. 

In Project on Image, the location of photography re-entered main stage in juxtaposition with earlier works, but more importantly than that, it's at the core of conceptual approach in each individual work as part of these new series. An artist's view on a place revisited is one person's idea that's bound to be untrue as much as it will be true. With image and imagination, Re-Photography and Familiar Image are a few of the 'chapters' that surfaced and are here to stay, for now that is... Without loosing touch with prior works, building elements also include video, wallpaper, still image, lightbox, etc. 

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